ED-AB 202 O

ED AB 202 O
ED AB 202 O
年龄Age: 28 出生年月日Birthday: 06/06/1995 血型Blood Type: І (0) RH + 身高Height: 165 cm 体重Weight:, 47 kg 最高学历Education College 学校及科系School and Department Housewife 婚姻状态Marital Status: Married 原始国籍Nationality : Kazakh 哈萨克族 面部肤色Complexion: Bright 白皙 眼睛颜色:Eye Color: Brown 棕黑 自然发色Natural Hair Color: Brown黑 头发类型Hair Type: Direct 直发 体型Body Type: Fit 匀称 主支配手Strong Hand: Right 职业Occupation: Housewife 是否有接受整形Plastic Surgery No 无 是否捐赠过卵子 be an egg donor before? Yes 为什么想捐卵What are your reasons for wanting to donate eggs? Additional earnings 帮助那些需要增加家庭成员的人 医疗健康讯息Medical Health Info. 卵泡状况Condition of Follicular: AMH 3.23 牙齿状况Condition of your teeth: Perfect 完美 是否戴牙套Have you had any periodontal or orthodontic work? No 不 眼睛视力Are you nearsighted, farsighted, or other? 1.0 饮食状况Please describe your diet: No diet 无节食 是否领养Are you adopted? No 否 是否怀孕过/怀孕次数Have you had any past pregnancies? No0 最后妇科检查日期:Date of last pap smear: 结果是否正常:Result 2023, NILM 2023年度国家体检 是否抽烟:Have you ever smoked cigarettes? No 无 是否喝酒:Do you drink alcohol? No 无 是否使用违禁药物?Do you take any recreational drugs? No 无 每月的月经周期是间隔多少天?How long is your monthly cycle? 27 经期多少天? How many days does your period/bleeding usually last? 4 你的家庭是否有出现过双胞胎三胞胎?Are there any twins or triplets in your family? 否No 是否接受过输血?Have you had a blood transfusion? 否No 是否接受过精神治疗?Have you ever been seen by a mental health professional? 否No 是否有刺青吗?Have you ever had any tattoos? 否No 是否有穿洞吗?Have you ever had any piercings? 否No 避孕方法:Types of Contraception 否No 性伴侣是否有过被确诊患有任何的性病? Have sexual partners ever been diagnosed with any sexually transmitted diseases? 否No 个性Personality 个性Personality Stress-resistant 孩童时期的成长经历Please describe your childhood In a very happy family with Mom and Dad; 在爸妈的陪伴下长大 性格与特质Character: Honest 语言能力Please list any languages you speak: Russian, Kazakh 俄语 哈萨克语

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